Are You Suitable For Wearing A Wig Cap?

The wig cap is the basic material of the wig, which mimics the shape of the head, a structure similar to that of a baseball cap. The wig forms the base of the wig, to which both the shape and the shape of the wig are attached. For people who wear wigs regularly, whether to wear a wig cap or not is a question worth thinking about. In general, wearing or not wearing a wig cap is a personal choice of the wig wearer. Some people like to wear a wig cap before wearing a wig, and some people don’t like to wear a wig cap before wearing a wig. Some people even can’t decide whether to wear a wig cap. This article will tell you the pros and cons of wearing it. If you don’t know whether to wear a wig cap, please read on. I’m sure this article will help you.

For people with hair


  1. A wig cap cancover up the original hair. On the one hand, a wig cap can protect your own hair from the dirty stuff outside. And it also can reduce friction and hair damage. On the other hand, our hair secretes oil and sweat every day, especially in hot summer days. The wig cap can be worn to isolate the dirt on the scalp and protect the wig. A wig cap can not only make wigs not contaminated by dirty things, but also can prolong the life of wigs.
  2. A wig cap not only protects your hair, but also hides your natural hair color.If you choose a very light wig, or if your original hair color is too dark, it is easy to give away your original hair color when wearing a wig. If the color of your wig is very different from your original hair color, it will look very unnatural near the hairline, which will affect the effect of the wig. Wearing a wig cap will hide your natural hair color and make your wig look more natural, as if you had grown it yourself.


  1. The wig cap is directly over the hair, which is equivalent to wearing a hat on your head. The wig itself has weight, and if you add another layer of hat, it will be even hotter, especially on a hot summer day. A wig cap traps the heat from your hair, making you feel sweltering. Some people don’t like the sweltering heat of a wig cap.
  2. Sometimes the wig cap is just the right size when you buy it, and after a while you will feel it is too small. This is because your hair is growing. The longer the hair grows, the more area the wig cap has to cover. Therefore, it is very important to choose a suitable wig cap. A wig cap that is too loose will not fit your head size and will be unnatural to wear. A wig cap that is too small will strangle your scalp and make you feel dizzy and uncomfortable.

For People with Full or Partial Hair Loss


  1. Wig caps are perfect for people with sensitive scalps. For people with full or partial hair, direct contact of the scalp with a wigis a very bad thing. The friction between the wig and the scalp can make the scalp very sensitive. The scalp will be red and itchy. Wig caps are made of soft material. And there is less friction between the scalp and wig caps when wearing a wig. So wig caps are perfect for people with sensitive scalps.
  2. It’s inevitable that when you wear a wig during the day, your scalp will produce sweat and oil. Especially in the hot summer, if you spend time outside in the summer, you will produce more sweat. If you wear a wig without a wig cap, the sweat and oil may become a lubricant between your scalp and the wig, making it easy for your wig to fall off. So if you sweat a lot or play outside in the summer, it’s best to wear a wig cap, or you will take on the risk of losing your wig easily.


  1. The wig cap may prevent direct friction between the wig and scalp for people with full or partial hair. But the materials on the market are uneven. Some materials will let users fell uncomfortable when they come into contact with the scalp, which also can increase skin sensitivity and cause redness, swelling and itching. So when choosing a wig cap, you must choose good quality ones. Choose a soft wig cap to give you a comfortable experience.
  2. Because everyone’s head size is different, it can be difficult to find the perfect wig cap for your head shape. Because of the different material and version, the effect of wearing a wig cap is also different. So you need to experiment a lot so that you can find the right wig cap for you.


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