Do You Know How To Cut Bangs On A Wig?

How to pick up scissors and cut bangs on a wig?

 Bang wigs are a great new style that's trendy. When the wig is just taken out of the box, it can be worn directly on the head. It can also be trimmed as needed, and if done right, can make you look prettier than you ever imagined.

So, how to cut bangs properly? Please follow the editor to see it.

 Preparation tools:

Small sharp scissors

 A full-length or large mirror

 Bobby pins (to secure the rest of the hair)

 A wide-toothed comb

 Flat iron, curling iron, straightening brush

 straight wigs with bangs



  1. Handling wig with bangs:

First brush and wash the wig to remove tangles; then place the wig on the head or on the wig stand, making sure that the wig is straight, otherwise the trimmed bangs will be uneven.

  1. Separate bangs:

Divide the hair into three parts, the hair in the triangular area of ​​the forehead is used as bangs, and this part of the bangs is divided into three parts.

If you are afraid of making mistakes, you can use a washable or erasable marker to mark the length and shape of the bangs you want. The marks are convenient for trimming along the lines, and it is not easy to make mistakes.

  1. Cut bangs:

Use small sharp scissors, between the index finger and middle finger of the non-dominant hand, smooth and taut the hair in the middle, keeping it away from the forehead. For long hair with bangs, start by cutting a half-length to make it easier to comb; for short hair with bangs, a quarter inch of hair is recommended first.

In the back, the hair in the middle is blended with the hair on both sides, trimmed in small amounts and multiple times, and the hair close to the cheeks is recommended to be trimmed at an angle.

  1. Style bangs:

Use a flat iron, curling iron, or straightening comb to style bangs as desired. Curly hair requires the length of the bangs to be below the eyes. After all, there is a curvature when curling, which will reduce the length of the bangs; while straight hair with bangs of normal length is fine.

  1. Fix bangs:

Use hair care products like hairspray or pomade to add texture or help shape your bangs.

  1. Evaluate the bangs:

After finishing cutting and styling the bangs, look in front of the big mirror. If there is no problem, take a step back and stand in front of the full-length mirror to check the overall effect.

In conclusion

Wigs with bangs will give your face a whole new look and bring out your best features. Subtly helps blend your natural hairline. If you feel that cutting bangs at home is cumbersome. Or take your wig to an experienced hairdresser who can help you create the perfect new look, and the easiest way is to buy a wig with bangs.

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