How To Choose the Right Comb

As a delicate girl, combs are necessary for our daily styling, but there are all kinds of combs on the market, and you may have doubts about what to choose. In fact, a suitable comb for modeling is very important, it will make your modeling up more relaxed and beautiful. If you don't know how to choose, this blog post will give you a detailed look at some of the combs you can use on a daily basis.

Comb Recommendations


Rat tail comb

The tail of a rat's tail comb is as thin as a mouse's tail. It is very suitable for parting and braiding hair for styling. Also its teeth are very fine, if you want a clean and unknotted hair, then the mouse-tail comb is a good choice, it can be a good root of the hair.

Regular comb


The following ordinary comb, half of the teeth are wide, half of the teeth are relatively fine. For example, when you wake up in the morning, your hair may look like a mess, so if you choose to use the thinner end, it may pull on your scalp and make you feel painful. Start with the wide tooth section and tease the knots out one by one. Make sure there are no knots before using the fine tooth section, which makes your hair look thinner. For hair grooming, this one comb will meet your basic needs.

Of course, this comb also has relative disadvantages. Its grip may not be as comfortable as other combs with flat and smooth handles, and the feel of modeling is limited to a certain extent. Certainly a good choice for its functionality.

Wide tooth comb

A wide-toothed comb is essential for combing your hair when it's knotted. It's a great way to untangle some of the knots. Because of the large spacing between the teeth, it doesn't give your scalp a very strong pull. Plus, it's a great tool when you're washing your hair. You can put conditioner, Mousse and other hair care products with a comb evenly brush on each hair, it makes your hair better absorption of the product's nutrients.

Teasing brush /comb

 This brush is a great way to straighten your hair, and you can use it to smooth out any remaining fine hairs after combing with another brush. Just slide it over your hair and you'll magically notice that the fine hairs will be smoothed clean and you won't have to worry about the tugging pain from this soft brush, it can smooth your hair and leave your volume intact.


Detangling brush

This comb is perfect for messy hair. Its hair is very soft and bendable, it won't cause any hair pulling or pain, and it won't pull your hair out, so you can control it pretty well. It's great for unkempt hair, and when you wake up in the morning and your hair is a mess, try this brush

Ceramic round brush

The tool is ceramic plated and can be used to curl hair like a curling iron. But compared to traditional heating tools, it won't heat up your hair and cause damage. So it's a great tool if you need to create a natural curl or add volume to your hair.

It comes in many different sizes, and how you choose depends on the size of curl you want. Choose the corresponding size and you will get an ideal body shape or curl.

Paddle brush

If you're the kind of girl who likes to keep her hair straight, this paddle brush is perfect for you. The nylon bristles on the paddle brush are perfect for flat hair, and it's completely flat with no bevel on the comb. This will ensure that the ends of your hair are not bent and that they are straight. It's great for blowing out hair and is very easy to use.

Mason pearson brush

This is a classic brush. It's over a hundred years old. Its brush is made of a mixture of nylon and boar bristle, and it has the perfect length, the perfect density. If you want it to last longer, try not to use it with any heating tools, the heat is not friendly to it. You will feel like massaging your scalp with this brush, which will increase blood circulation to the brain and stimulate hair growth. This comb is great for relaxing in the morning when you wake up or at the end of the day.


In Conclusion

These are some of the best combs in this issue. This is a must-have for almost every home, and if you haven't tried one yet, congratulations on finding another one. In addition, Dorsanee will provide you with other useful wigs-related tools, as well as a variety of quality wigs products, if you want to know about other related, then you can pay attention to Dorsanee. 


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