How To Remove A Wig

We all know how to wear a wig properly, but here's how to take it off properly. You might think it's relatively easy to remove a wig, but the truth is, if you don't do it correctly, you can damage not only your wig, but also your scalp or natural hair.

Here are the tools you'll need to remove a wig:

 1. Rat tail comb

 2. Deep Cleansing Oil

 3. Deep discharge makeup

 4. A towel

 5. Warm water

 6. Shea butter

 7. Deep Cleansing Oil

Rat tail comb

Usually, we mainly use glue to glue the hairline around the edge of the wig. You need to be careful about this part. For partial sticking, you can use a rat-tail comb. Do the same with the wig. From the edge of the hairline, use the end of a rat-tail comb in one direction to slowly open the glued edge. You can do this gently, or it will pull on your skin.

Deep Cleansing Oil

Typically this whole process should be painlessit shouldn't be painful. you shouldn't feel like any type of open wounds or anything like that especially if you're trying to keep your edges which just take your time and try to loosen up that residue without actually like pulling your hair.

If you're worried about getting excess residue on your skin during the glue process, you can get a cotton swab and apply the appropriate amount of glue to the edge of your hairline. This can greatly reduce your later cleaning work.

Deep discharge makeup

In the process of removing glue and wigs with a rat-tail comb, you can use other glue melting tools. In fact, buying the right glue isn't too burdensome for your skin, and it's easy to clean with some glue removing solvents. With products like C22, it's a great way to help.

If it's not easy to peel off the hairline edges after using a rat-tail comb and a gel remover, you'll need to use more deep makeup remover or other products to melt the gel completely, which will make it easier to remove the wig.

Warm water to clean

In addition to removing the wig, you need to use warm or hot water. Wet the towel with warm water, which is easier to get the glue off than cold water. A quick way to get rid of glue is to apply a hot washcloth to the front of your hairline and take it off after a few seconds.

After trying the above steps, you will notice that the wig is beginning to come loose. At this point you can use the end of the rat-tail comb to insert the loose area and see if you can get the whole wig off. If not, repeat the steps until you can use the end of the rat-tail comb to completely separate the wig from your skin. After removing the wig, keep your face clean and apply moisturizer to ensure your skin looks its best.

In Conclusion

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