How To Straighten A Wig

Do you want to change from curly hair to straight hair, do you want a wig to bring out two different styles? Then today's blog is a treasure you can't miss, come and see the hair transformation, this article will give you some suggestions about how to transform wigs. Keep reading if you want to learn more about it.

Reason for Changing Style

There are lots of reasons why you may want to straighten a wig. Maybe you found a perfectly colored wig for a party, but the style is just all wrong. Maybe you have an old wig that you just want to revamp with a new style. Maybe you're just hugely curious about what this curly wig would look like straight. Definitely guilty of that one or maybe you just simply prefer straight wigs. No matter what your reason is, you have clicked the right blog.


This blog is going to show you a method for straightening synthetic wigs which is the hot water method. To straighten a wig using the hot water method, there are a few things you're gonna need. First, you'll need some kind of stand that can get wet and withstand hot water. Light stands, tripods and even chair backs and broom handles are great tools. Anything that you can stick a Styrofoam head onto and that's tall enough that your wig can hang freely so that it can dry completely straight.


1.It is necessary for you to have a Styrofoam head and a wig .Then secure the wig on the head with a straight pin so that it doesn't slide off during the process.

2.It is necessary to brush a wig out before getting it wet. Now you are going to heat up some water, this method is called the hot water method.

3.The temperature to which the water should be heated depends on your wig. If you are using a heat-resistant synthetic wig , they can withstand quite high temperatures . Your goal is just to get the right heat to straighten the curls, so don't overheat and damage the fibers. For straightening this way, you generally heat the water between 180°F-185 °F, which works great on wigs from good quality wigs, but is probably too hot for cheap party store wigs. Cheap plastic wigs will completely melt and frizz out if you do this. So always heat test a small section of a wig before heating the whole wig if you are unsure what your wig can handle.

4.When the water is heated, you can pour it directly onto the wig . You can also quickly soak the wig in hot water and rotate it in the hot water to make sure the ends are completely soaked.

5.You could dump the water over the wig covering as much of the wig as you can. And then the wig will magically straighten right before your eyes! The following you can take a few pots of water to make sure the wig is completely soaked. Once the wig is completely saturated, you'd better use your fingers to finger comb out all the tangles so that it can hang completely straight. In addition, it is important to avoid brushing a wig when it's wet, because it can damage the fibers, but finger combing should be fine.

6.Make sure the wig is hanging free, hanging straight, and let it air dry that way . When it's dry, your wig will be super straight, super soft, and super pretty!


Many consumers hesitate between synthetic wigs and human hair wigs  when choosing wigs. To help you make a better choice, we've brought you the pros and cons of both types of hair.


Human hair wigs : Human hair wigs are made from real, natural human hair. This means it is shaped, soft and smooth just like your own hair. Because they are made from natural human hair, it will be easier for you to style it the way you want, and human hair wigs will be easier to match your styling requirements.

Synthetic hair wigsSynthetic hair wigs are made up of synthetic fibers, which are more durable than a human hair. Wigs made of synthetic fibers are lighter, less prone to deformation and fading, easy to care for and long-lasting.


Human hair wigs : Because the cost of making a human hair wig is higher, it is slightly more expensive. The downside to human hair wigs is that they require more maintenance and are more expensive than synthetic wigs.

Synthetic hair wigsIts breathability and moisture absorption are relatively poor, and long-term wear may cause skin problems on the scalp.

In Conclusion

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