The Guide Of Pluck A Wig

A beautiful hair wig was made of many mixed design style, such as left or right side part hairline, pre-cut lace, bleach knots on lace so on, of course, the plucking hairline design is one of the fabulous way to make your wig looks realistic and achieve a seamless appearance. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of plucking a human hair wig, ensuring that blends seamlessly with your own hair, and get many many compliments from people.

What Is the Pre-plucked Hair Wig

A pre-plucked wig means that your hairpiece will come with a natural hairline where the baby hairs are already plucked using a tweezer. When a wig is plucked, the density on the top is much lower, which is exactly the case with real hair. If you take a look at your strands, you will notice hairs of unequal length and some short baby hairs around your hairline. This is because new hairs grow constantly and they can’t all be the same length. For a wig to be completely realistic, it has to imitate just that. Plucking of the hairpiece creates those perfect baby hairs and a flawless hairline. Although pre-plucked wigs are usually more expensive, they are simply superior in appearance to all others. 

Why Pluck Wig

By plucking one hair wig, you can achieve a hairline that mimics the irregularity and variation found in natural human hairlines, resulting in a more realistic appearance, and natural looking hairline.  Moreover, plucking extra hair strands can also improve the comfort of wearing a lace wig. By reducing the hair density at the hairline, it allows more air circulation, which can prevent excessive sweating and discomfort that may arise from a dense hairline.

How to Pluck a Wig


You will need a lace wig, a Styrofoam wig stand, pins, tweezers, and scissors.

Step #1

When your wig arrives, the first thing you need to do is see if it fits. If the wig is too small or too large, you need to replace it. So don’t start plucking before you make sure that you have bought the right size because you won’t be able to return it.

Step #2

If the wig fits and everything looks good, you need thoroughly wash it.

Step #3

Place the wig on a Styrofoam stand and use pins on the lace to pin it down. You want to have it nice and tight so that it doesn’t move.

Step #4

Take a good look at the wig hairline, you will notice that it is pretty dense and that’s what you want to avoid. Start plucking some hairs from one side and work your way to the other. Make sure to use quality tweezers and be careful not to pluck too many hairs. It is best to pluck a little bit at first and see how it looks and if you think that the hairline is still too dense, go back and repeat this steps.

Step #5

Another thing you want to avoid is having a straight line of hair at the hairline. That looks very fake so you also want to break up those lines of hair by plucking. Create a smooth transition. Nobody’s hairline is perfectly straight so you definitely want to avoid that. Also, take a look at your natural hairline shape and try to mimic it as best you can. That will make the wig look like it’s actually your hair.

Step #6

Decide where you want to part the wig. You can do it in the middle or on the sides. Now go in the parting and pluck some of the hairs there as well. While you’re doing the plucking, try out the wig several times to track your progress and see where you need to pluck some more. And that’s it, now you have a perfectly realistic plucked wig that looks flawless!

Additional Tips: Make Wigs Hairline More Natural

Remember, when you pluck your hair, you’re not just plucking the front of your hairline near your forehead. The goal is to make the entire front of the wig look less dense, so you need to pluck several layers of hair.

When you’re done with this layer, says Johnson, repeat this step about three to four more times, depending on how deep you want your wig to be plucked.

Brush out everything you’ve plucked out, and boom—you’ve got a natural-looking hairline.

The Final Word

With these easy, simple steps, anyone can look effortlessly chic by styling your wigs of any hair texture safely. Wig plucking makes any wigs better looking; your hair looks less artificial, and you can wear wigs with confidence and ease. Just remember the steps, and you are minutes away from flaunting a gorgeous natural-looking human hair wig.


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