The Characters of Different Hair Wavy& Determine Choose

Body Wave

Hair usually has loose curls that create an S-like shape. This S pattern is present throughout the length of the hair extension. Body wave hair is usually shiny and natural-looking in appearance. It also blends with most hair patterns due to its relaxed texture.

Water Wave

The weave hair has a wave pattern that's more pronounced than body wave weave hair due to the waves being closer together.

Kinky Straight

The hair weave (sometimes called Afro kinky straight) has a texture that resembles types 3C (ultra curly) and 4A-C (Afro) hair that has been blow dried straight.  The kinks or waves in this hair are great for curly and high volume styles.  Big, bouncy hair.  Kinky straight is very fluffy.  Very soft, kinky straight hair doesn’t shed nor tangle.  It looks very similar to a non relaxed blowout.

Kinky Curly

This hair is characterized by its tight, dense texture and natural volume. It is the most coily and has the maximum shrinkage. If looked closely the coils form a z-shaped pattern.While Kinky curly hair or type 4 hair may appear to be strong, they are not. They are the most fragile of all hair types and the most difficult to maintain. The hair has a zig-zag wiry pattern or no pattern at all (View the photo below)

Deep Wave

Deep wave hair, features tighter and more defined waves compared to water wave hair. The waves are typically smaller, closer together, and have a more pronounced "S" shape pattern. The hair wavy can be styled in different ways, allowing for versatility and the ability to create stunning hairstyles.

Jerry Curly

Jerry curly hair will blend with your hair perfectly, giving you an extremely natural and realistic hair look. And Jerry curl is also a very versatile hairstyle, you can wear different hats, scarves, headbands, etc. to match it and get new looks.


Loose Wave

Loose wave hair consists of tight curls that are huge in size. They have a lot of volume and body and are ideal for someone who is looking for a fuller look. While loose wave hair is quite shiny, it isn't as glossy as body wave hair. When searching for good, high-quality loose wave hair, the bundles should separate with a light shake and be easy to unfurl.   



In summary, different hair wavy textures have different characters,the hair you will finally choose depends on all factors, such as your own hair, lifespan of hair, dye color, flat iron etc. Whatever your option is, you will get one beautiful hair wig.



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